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DNS taking ages to update on Telstra!

We moved to a new host for our domain about 36 hours ago, and it seems like every ISP around the world except Telstra has updated their details. Why does Telstra always take so long? We have had this problem before and it seems like hundreds of other people have had the same issue judging by Google searches. Please can someone at Telstra fix this urgently.

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Re: DNS taking ages to update on Telstra!

I looked up your DNS records against a couple of Telstra DNS resolvers (, & and they all respond with the latest values as follows: 3600 IN CNAME 3020 IN A 3600 IN MX 0

Which Telstra DNS resolver are you seeing the old records on?

Your TTL is currently 3600 what was it prior to the change?

It may be only you (or other telstra customers) had looked up the record within the TTL period prior to the change and thus Telstra would be the only person caching it. It could also be cached locally within your router or PC but should regardless expire per original TTL value.

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