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Domain delegation, name servers and host records for a home server - Mk 2

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Hi all.

I’m just trying to conclude an archived thread I started last May 2018:

Benhelps, Yastiandrie, CF4 and other very kind souls gave me lots of time and help, so they deserve a few heartfelt thanks, and a bit of final feedback methinks.


I think I finally got enough info to understand what and how to set up a personal domain name:


So; Telstra has no products, support nor even any idea about individual domains.

Telstra insist you buy Platinumb for $millions if you want a non-scripted answer to a simple technical-ish question.

You can’t use Telstra NSW servers to host an individual domain, as the Servers don’t have Names, only IP addresses, which no one knows nor even understands what you’re talking about.

You CAN use Telstra NSW Servers if you have an ABN, and buy a business package.

You CAN find someone to talk to if you have an ABN.

If you’re one of Telstra’s millions of lucrative but apparently unwanted Individual customers, tough luck wanting a simple Domain, or getting some simple answers.


Telstra and MelbourneIT (MIT) have no idea what the other does, vis the following pointless 3 hour chase (I’m NOT joking abt the 3 hrs):

Called Telstra (via well hidden number) (no no no I’ve spent hrs there wait click) > (transferred) to MIT

MIT > Telstra Business

Business (poor English, no idea as not on script)(no no no wait click) > Platinumb

Platinumb > no hope nor answer as I have no ABN, and Telstra don’t do personal domain stuff

Platinumb (but they’re only for Business, oh well, OK) > Telstra App Marketplace (for ABN holders ONLY)

Telstra App Marketplace (no no no wait click) > Platinumb

Platinumb > $X for just ONE simple issue clarification

Platinumb > bought $X

Platinumb > unable to help as I have no ABN

Platinumb > dismantle Plat acct and ask the Queen for my refunds 

Platinumb (no no nooo wait click) > App Marketplace

App Marketplace (poor English, no idea, as not on script) (no no no wait click) > transferred to nowhere

After 30’ turns out on hold was actually disconnected > 132000 and START AGAIN

132000 (let’s experiment) > ITPP Dept (? Technical Dept, Personal)

ITPP (no no no wait click) > NBN Assurance

NBN Assurance (Wha ??) > Telstra Tech Dept Personal (? ITTP again)

Telstra Tech Dept Personal (no no noooooooo wait click) > Telstra Apps Marketplace

Telstra Apps Marketplace (very kind fellow actually understood his profession)

Telstra Apps Marketplace > final dismal surrender, exhausted, sore ears and arms, but very relieved and happy to have an answer.



Telstra does not do personal Domains for their millions of individual customers, even though their IT Partner flogs them.


So; Telstra outsource Melbourne IT to do their domain/web stuff.

Melbourne IT flog individual domains.

Some peeps (like me) have no idea what to do with our brand new shiney Domain Names.

Some peeps have no idea that we have to buy a web package for the usual $millions to use them.

MelbourneIT don’t have any idea that some peeps don’t know that, so they talk as if you have already bought a web hosting package, and add to the national mental illness figures by never mentioning that simple fact.

You apparently can’t point your Domain Name to your own Servers.

You apparently have to run your Domain Name via external Servers.


Benhelps: CloudFlare info was CRUCIAL, thank you VERY much.


Free account with Cloudflare > immediate exploding understanding and clarification of Domains, Name Servers, C-Name and other ‘code’ stuff, etc.


So thanks to ALL the kind people who helped me figure this individual Domain stuff out.


I still haven’t got it working yet. Still trying to figure out what to put in all the boxes, but I get the odd spark and I have definite signs that I’m getting there. They’ve got plenty of online and English speaking Techs who actually love helping simpletons like me.


CloudFlare’s Ethical and Open Source paradigms, totally brill Domain security, and their free trial accounts and Support to practice and learn with, are perfect for Telstra’s unwanted great unwashed masses, who don’t want to waste huge monies on unwanted and useless systems.

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