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Leaving Bigpond Hosting - DNS/MX Issues

Hi there


I'm having an issue with my old Bigpond Hosting. (very old plan)


I have my own domain name which I have moved away from Bigpond Hosting to another provider.

DNS records have been changed and seemingly propagated to most DNS servers 5 weeks ago.


The issue is that Bigpond servers seems to have not updated there MX or Mapping, evident by the fact that anyone sending from a *@bigpond.com email address gets sent to the Bigpond hosting server (not the new one where all other email is being sent to. (dig reveals a Telstra DNS server with a CNAME record mapping mail to the bigpond server.)


I see from other forums this has been an ongoing issue for years. I have tried emailing - domans@online.telstra.com.au - 6 times - and had no reply.


I'm hoping someone can advise process or provided contact details - so I can wrestle my Bigpond email off Telstra.




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