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Telstra has blocked my customers website

Telstra DNS servers have issues resolving


We host sites for many customers, but it's only this specific site, on this specific ISP that have this issue. All other sites on the infrastructure have no issues.

I've ran a series of digs and nslookups to verify this. It simplys doesn't resolve.


I've been in discussions with many people at Telstra and eventually managed to be advised that if the website appears in virus total, then it's not going to work. I have verified that it does show up on Virus Total -


However, it's showing up as 'Comodo Valkyrie Verdict'. I've submitted false positive reports multiple times over the last month or two, and never get a response. I'm not able to sign up for an account as the verification emails arrive with no body in the email (tried multiple email providers). I've even taken the entire customers website down and replaced it with a single HTML page saying "This is my website" or something to that affect and ran a fresh scan on Comodo, and it still comes back as malicious. I have no real other avenues to follow in order to discuss my issues further with Comodo directly.


There seems to be an underlying issue with Comodo that doesn't allow me to remove it from detecting this site as malicious. I've scanned the website with multiple scanners, manually inspected files, and am very confident it's clean, but Telstra will not let it work because it's on Virus Total, but it's seemingly impossible to get it removed from Virus Total, and my best attempts to explain this to Telstra staff over the phone fall on deaf ears.


Is anyone able to offer insight as to how to get around this?

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Telstra has blocked my customers website

I thought that Vicnet had ceased offering hosting services, or are they still running nameservers for the Kindergarten IT program?

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Re: Telstra has blocked my customers website

Certain services still continue for public libraries, historical societies, and kindergartens.

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