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Account Fraud

I have a Telstra ID, myFullName@domain.com ("domain" as in network domain - I don't have a real email with "domain.com").


I had some account problems and while resolving these problems found out that someone has created another Telstra ID which is 123-myFullName@domain.com.


I don't have access to the Telstra ID 123-myFullName@domain.com. I cannot reset the password for it because I don't know the date of birth associated with it. I know this is definitely a Telstra ID because I cannot create a new Telstra ID using 123-myFullName@domain.com - I get an error saying a Telstra ID with that username already exists.


The reason I found this out was because my "Footy Pass" had been reassociated to 123-myFullName@domain.com instead of myFullName@domain.com. I would like to work out what other information of mine was transferred to this new Telstra ID. Is it linked to my phone service? Is it linked to my address? etc?


Also, how can I get an explanation of who or what is responsible for this fraudulent activity?

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Re: Account Fraud

Have you contacted Telstra in regards to this yet?

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Re: Account Fraud

Yes. Ive contacted Telstra in many different ways. Ive called and spoken to people in the Phillipines who supposedly deal with calls about "My Account" but they have been unable to understand what I am saying to them. Probably because this situation is not scripted for them. They don't even seem to be able to transfer me to someone who would have a clue how to start resolving my problem.

Ive posted on Crowd Support but theres no belp coming from here.

Ive written to Telstras privacy department twice. The first time I received a reply. It was an email that was asking for my date of birth and full name. I replied and explained that I wouldnt provide these details via email. It was a very obscure email. It didnt explain who was contacting me or why. I assumed it was in regards to my enquiry to Telstras privacy department but I could not confirm this.

Im about to lodge a complaint with the OAIC and the Telecommunications ombudsman etc

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