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Billing History Still Broken

Hi I have reported these issues for over a year, I was just with a live chat version and they were totally hopefuless and disconnected my chat as Im trying to juggle doing my BAS right now hence needing the billing statements. Here is the steps to reproduce it again i complained about it like 8 months ago and still a problem. 


view bills -> view bill history


produces this in both osx chrome and ie9





The only way I found to get access is if i click "view bills" menu directly then on the right hand side "view bills history" if i click  "view bills history" anywhere else it will produce the same buggy result. 



My payment history also only shows 2 months at one stage it wasn't showing anything at all. I am certain it's not just me and there is bugs in the system still and it's failed to be addressed. 

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Re: Billing History Still Broken

Business or Consumer? Have you tried Firefox, and have you cleared Cache and Cookies?


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Re: Billing History Still Broken

Hi Ben thanks, unfortunately I tested also in IE9 / Windows 7 in my vmware which would be the benchmark at least and the same problem so it's wouldn't be a cookie problem as such as I never login via Windows 7. 

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