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Can someone please cancel my account.

Hi Team,

Can someone who is not a call centre operator or a virtual assistance contact me.

I appreciate the Covid-19 pandemic is limiting your support, but my issues with Telstra started well before Australia changed with this pandemic.


Yesterday I received a bill and Telstra has yet to enable my cable broadbandl, but I have given up and want the account cancelled.


Timeline of events:

1. Mid Jan sign up for cable broadband in advance of a move to my new house 20/02/2020

2. Late Jan receive notification of technician to attend my property within 7 days and notification of modem being distributed

3. 1st week of Feb, technician does not arrive, one live chat staff member tells me a technician is always necessary and one live chat member tells me they never attend

Modem delivery is rescheduled

4. Modem final arrives 13/02, plug in 17/02 and does not work. Telstra advises activation needs to occur and this continues for a week.

5. Finally towards the end of the 3rd week of Feb someone indicates there is fault in my area

6. I continually chase the fault resolution for 2 weeks, I kept being advised that the fix date needed to be rescheduled. I try to make a complaint but am advised that cannot be done until my account is provisioned. One surprising comment from the Telstra staff is that the problem is either something wrong at the house or a fault in the area. But refuse to send a technician to rule out one of this issues.

7. Early March whilst still receiving a different message for who ever picks up the phone, or chats with on live chat I decided to give up and choose I different provider.  But I cannot cancel my account until my account is provisioned. 

8. As my move with another provide is all planned and ready to go for the NBN install date late March. I settle for using internet on a dongle and wait for Telstra to contact me regarding an account that just sits there just to cancel it.

9. 07/04 I receive a bill and no contact. It is literally impossible to chat anybody at Telstra right not, but I am very unhappy. All I want to do is cancel my account.

To bring this in to context, I have signed with a new provider and there are issues with the NBN but contact with a human on the phone who knows what they are doing is achievable, even during this pandemic. Further to this a technician is required to attend and I got an appointment with only 3 business day lag!


Can someone please cancel my account.


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Re: Can someone please cancel my account.

Hi @customer_x 


Advice can only be offered via Crowd Support, you need to contact Telstra for action.


I understand the issues you are having contacting Telstra at the moment and unfortunately, all I can suggest is to keep trying.


You could try a Telstra store and see how you go?

Someone keeps putting vegetables in my beer crisper :-(

Footnote: I don't work for Telstra, I just try to help out fellow Telstra customers.
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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Can someone please cancel my account.

You could also lodge it as a complaint but I would warn not to expect a response within at least a week.

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Previously worked with a Telstra Partner however I am not a Telstra Employee, just a fellow customer helping when I can.

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