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Cancel my s20 ultra order. telstra is a disgrace

I want to cancel order SBS50717112 . I dont want to stay with telstra as they are using the virus as a excuse to be a bad telecom. I cant ring or get in contact with them. Order this month ago and no word or tracking.

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Re: Cancel my s20 ultra order. telstra is a disgrace

Same thing happened to me when I "pre-ordered" the phone. I tried cancelling and was told that since the status was 'In progress' I couldn't cancel so fingers crossed you're not at that stage.

If you are, they say you can only cancel there on by informing the delivery driver that you wish to have them return the item or if you're not home and you receive a pick up card, you'll need to wait over 7 business days for the phone to return then your plan  should automatically cancel from there (at least that's what they've told me)

So, if you are not at the progress stage then hopefully you'll be in luck. If not, I hope this does help somehow.


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