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Cannot access emails on Outlook or My Telstra app

Not sure what has happened to my account over the last few weeks, but I'm not able to log in to Outlook after changing my password a few weeks ago. I keep getting the screen that comes up and asks for Logon, Server, User name and Password when I enter my password it just keeps repeating itself.


I can also not sign in to My Telstra App on my iPhone as it says there is more than one account found on my SIM, one which I do not recognise and when you try to click the account to log in, you cannot select anything. I have tried the online solution of removing and reinstalling the application at which point the My Telstra App also tells me the password I am using is wrong.


Codi is useless and I have left multiple messages with no answers given about what the current issue, but Telstra has no issues taking my monthly repayments, I should also add that I am paying for Platinum support and getting Brown tier support if you can call it that.


I need this fixed please Telstra, I'm not a happy customer at the present moment.


EDIT - I have just realised I can access my emails via Webmail using the password I changed too a few weeks ago, but trying to use the same password for My Telstra App and Outlook does not work.

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Re: Cannot access emails on Outlook or My Telstra app

All good, my brother showed me how to fix this issue.


My brother should come work for you Telstra.

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Re: Cannot access emails on Outlook or My Telstra app

Can you share your brothers fix? I'm having the same problem. I can log in to Webmail on a desktop computer but not into the Mail App on my phone it keeps saying incorrect password...which is bull because I use the same password on Webmail 

Support Team
Support Team

Re: Cannot access emails on Outlook or My Telstra app

Hi Jojo30. 

There are several ways in which people have been able to workaround this. 

If you are still finding the service timing out, can you try clearing your cookies, cache and browser history and trying again. Let me know if you get the same timeout problem. 

If the above has not helped, can you try using an email client? We have found that this has worked for many people getting a timeout error when logging into webmail directly.

For guides on how to set this up, please visit: (Windows) (Mac) or (Mobile). 

We have a handy support video here that can help setting up email access on another device, and the manual mail settings can be found at;

Let us know how you go. 

Regards - Tom


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