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Change of Leasee

My current bill I share with my ex-husband, I need to change four of the 8 services on that bill into my name only. I don't have a current bill to move them onto, I would be opening a new account number for myself, however we have both filled out the form - twice and taken it into a Telstra store, and both times they have lost the form. I am a legal leasee on the current account and he is fully in agreement with me moving these services into my name - But we can't seem to get someone to arrange it for us. Is someone able to work with me and help me to migrate these services into my name??

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Re: Change of Leasee

Have a read of https://go.telstra.com.au/helpandsupport/-/changing-the-name-on-your-telstra-account which provides you with a form that you can email into Telstra to have it actioned.




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