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closing account after moving abroad


I have a 2 year contract with Telstra on my iphone, which finishes at the end of November this year. Unfortunately I'm moving to the UK in May. I understand if I close the account early I will have to pay a fee, but if I wait until after the contract ends, will I be able to cancel my account from the UK? Also, would this be the cheapest option for me, or should i just cancel it before I go and pay the fee?

Thanks for any advice!


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Re: closing account after moving abroad

Hi Karen,


Really the only way to figure out if its cheaper for you is to get a full payout fee now (you can do this via LiveChat) and compare it to what you would pay over the remaining number of months. If your just paying off the service, its a bit cheaper, however as you have a handset you have to repay the phone less any subsidy or discount you receive (such as a MRO bonus).




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Re: closing account after moving abroad

Thanks Ben. I've checked what the cancellation fee would be and it is higher than my remaining payments added together, so it would be cheaper to take the phone with me to the UK and wait until my contract ends. Will I be able to cancel it from over there though? I don't need to actually go in to sign anything or cancel it in person? Thanks again! Karen

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