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Contacting telstra

Can you please give me an email address to contact telstra re an adition to my account which i did not authorise-data allowance. I have tried 24/7 but keep getting cut off. I want it in writing hence email

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Re: Contacting telstra

Hi @Clairbearh

There is no email address helpdesk available at Telstra, my advice would be to go into a Telstra store to sort out the My Account problem.

Hope this helps and all the best
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Re: Contacting telstra

Give us a call on 13 22 00 or drop in store is your best bet if you are unable to utilise our Live Chat service.


Can I ask what you mean by 'I did not authorise data allowance'? Most services come with data enabled unless you specifically request otherwise.

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Re: Contacting telstra


I am currently in Vietnam and cancelled my contract with Telstra prior to leaving. I have a cancellation reference and was assured that I would not be charged cancellation fees as I was dropping to a lesser plan.  My account was in credit when I left and I was going to make a payment that would cover the whole of the bill until my return in January. 


I stipulated with all the staff I spoke to, prior to my departure, that I would be unable to sort out any issues in my absence.


My problem now is that I am unable to call tesltra from Asia.  Not only that, I was unable to register my vietnamese number with telstra to effect a callback.


Now, how exactly do you propose that I settle this???  It is absolutely unacceptable that Telstra makes themselves so unaccessable.  I am now paying late payment fees on a bill I should never even received!!!!


If someone could please help me as a matter of urgency it would be greatly appreciated.


Kind regards

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