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Direct Debit

My credit card got hacked and I needed to cancel it.  When I went to reset up my 2 Telstra direct debits I could not get through to a human - I spent 2 hours online chatting with someone who tried to guide me through setting direct debit up in the Telstra App.  Eventually they told me they could not help me and would get someone to ring.  Of course nobody did and now I have received a failed payment on my credit card.  I still cannot get through to a human - and the app is down with some type of technical fault.  If Optus are able to offer telephone support why can't Telstra who are more expensive do so?  All I want to do is reset up my direct debits and pay my bills. It is sooooo frustrating.  Other companies are dealing with COVID19 and can offer customer support?

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Set it & forget it

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