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Disconnection of Account

Good Afternoon,


My mother in law has become gravely ill after having a massive stroke and is not expect to live for much longer her son/my husband who is her power of attorney has requested that her account be disconnected immediately as she will be no longer requiring your service . 


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Level 20: Director

Re: Disconnection of Account

Her son could visit a Telstra store with a certified copy of the Power Of Attorney and photo identification and seek their assistance.

Support Team
Support Team

Re: Disconnection of Account - Joy Anderson

Hi Lisa.


Sorry to hear that this is the situation.


I'm sorry to advise that with issues like this one we can't organise contact on the reqeust of someone who isn't already an established authority on an account with us. I would recommend having Barry reach out to us over our social media pages ( Facebook / Twitter ) Or contacting us on 13 22 00 and when prompted ask for the disconnections team. 


It also needs to be mentioned that Telstra Crowdsupport is a public forum for our customers to assist with issues that are maybe less severe, so any information you post here is available to anyone on the platform and I'd recommend not sharing any personal info such as phone numbers, account numbers or just information you don't want in public as a general rule.


Please have reach out to us over Social and we'll help as best we can, or if this isn't possible give us a call on 13 22 00


- Anto

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