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how can I get 'MyAccount' access fixed

Having searched the boards for a possible answer or fix, I see this exact problem has been ongoing for the past 2 years! Repeated many times here, no obvious solution that I can see. 

I have had many, many 'conversations' with various Telstra Support, both via phone and mostly via 24/7 live chat.
Queues have ranged from 10-100+ and I've been transferred just about everytime to another operator when this seems to get 'too hard' or I'm told I'm in the wrong queue!
Have many reference numbers emailed automatically following chats which are totally useless. There is no follow up
Have been promised call backs, not one received.

This has been ongoing since late December 2014 after receiving a massive BILL SHOCK on one of my mobile phone accounts in January.
I wanted to view my detailed bill. Mobile Calls and data usage. It's an option offered, however I cannot access it.
Every time I am referred to the SORRY link below.

I have been told that this problem is 'known' to Telstra and has been 'escalated to a Level 2 Specialist'
Really? - If known, then why  am I seeing so many others with the exact same problem?
Why has it taken over 2 years on these boards to acknowledge an error but not fix!?

All I am asking for is a breakdown of detailed bill plus payment history. 

We have recently resorted to Telstra emailing me the detailed breakdown, they have access, why don't I?  - A very long way around what should be a click and read option.

FYI: - I have cleared Cookies, opened new browser etc.etc.
Would just like to be able to see in detail what I''m paying for Telstra!

This is the constant message I receive when trying to access details in my account.
Really not acceptable!
Help would be appreciated

My Account

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You could not be logged in to Online Billing.

There may be a temporary problem, or part of the system may be unavailable due to regular maintenance. Please try again later.

Alternatively please feel free to contact us.

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: how can I get 'MyAccount' access fixed

hi AussieOne


It's disappointing to hear that you are having so many issues accessing  your My Account. 


Our My Account team are the team who can rectify this situation for you. I know you have called and contacted us many times already but this is how to get through to them.


Phone - 1800266000 


Live Chat -


   Kind Regards 🙂 

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