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How do I contact Telsta management via e-mail or are they NOT accountable for their company's action

I am getting rather annoyed at the problems I am encountering when a: accessing the Telstra website and b: trying to pay the account via Paypal.

I find the Telstra/Bigpond website to be extremely slow and unreliable to use, especially at weekends. The site takes a very long time to log in and achieve anything. This is compared to other websites tried at the same general time. For example, yesterday evening, I tried to submit a complaint on line but; when I tried to submit it, I was informed that it could not be submitted and to try again later. Naturally, all the entered data was erased.  I also tried this today with the same result.

I find it very difficult to access Paypal via Telstra’s website. It is often extremely slow and non-responsive. At least four times to date, it has not allowed the attempted payment to be finalised WITHOUT letting me know that the account was unpaid. This makes it very difficult to pay my account on time, if at all.

I have found this to be a significant problem on at least six or seven occasions with late fees being incurred at times.  I estimate there have been three late fees incurred over that last year, none of which I now believe were my fault.

I also find it ridiculous that I can no longer contact Telstra for assistance via email, or for that matter any form of contact.  It is also near impossible to submit a complaint.

I suppose it is telstra's intention that by making assistance and making a complaint almost impossible, late fees and other invoicing errors on Telstra's behalf will go unchallenged.


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Re: How do I contact Telsta management via e-mail or are they NOT accountable for their company's...

Hi @rrvau


Very sorry to read that you are having issues contacting your complaints manager.


If I could please have your case number starting with SR I will be happy to request they get in touch with you ASAP.


- Jimmy

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