Level 6: Bloodhound


I've really had a gutfull.


My NBN modem switched over to the mobile network one afternoon and has been in that mode ever since.


24 hours after it switched over I contacted support via the online 'Message Us' feature.


An hour after explaining it to two support personnel I had an NBN visit booked.


During that time I noticed how when the Telstra website automatically logs you out from 'inactivity' you get dropped out of the support chat.


Anyhow, I'm back in the support chat this very moment because of a no show from the NBN tech.  And after sending an initial message I got this.


"Thanks for waiting, we've got your message. We’re currently experiencing some delays in being able to respond to your message but we will respond as soon as possible. There’s no need to stay waiting in front of your screen as this conversation won’t close if you step away just keep this window open."


That's ok.  I understand there's a wait.  So I put the window behind another but where I can still see the chat window and carry on with things.


Then, the Telstra website auto logs me out and the chat window changes to inform me that if I wish to continue the chat that I need to log into MyTelstra and blah blah blah.


So.  Did I misread this part - "There’s no need to stay waiting in front of your screen as this conversation won’t close if you step away just keep this window open."


Let me emphasis something here.


Won't close


Am I reading that correctly?  If I take a lid off a bottle of water and set that lid down on the bench, the bottle won't close.  That's how "Won't close" works, correct?  Because it closed.


Anyway, I just have to remember to keep refreshing the account page in another tab to keep things alive.


The support person just tells me my NBN tech visit was cancelled due to testing.  Sounds like BS but who am I to say.  But no one called.  No one followed up.  That was over 24 hours ago.  Is that a fair time to wait for a follow up?  Should I have waited a week, perhaps.


Is it 2021?  It must be because no one in the 70s would be so incompetent.


After the support person advised me of the cancellation they asked if I would like to reschedule the appointment ....................................... um .................... I had my heart set on cancelling the trouble ticket but ya know, they're ever so versed in scripting those questions so I thought why not, let's try again.


Meanwhile I'm refreshing the Telstra account page to avoid ... oh ... wait ... someone just reset my connection.  It's been stable for days and now kablammy I'm suddenly on a completely different subnet.  Oh and guess what, the Telstra account page now tells me I've been inactive for 20 minutes and guess what, I'm logged out again and the chat has gone.


Yes, something DID go wrong.*sigh*


You're not alone Telstra.  There's lots of businesses out there that really do still struggle to understand technology.  One day you might get it.

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Level 21: Augmented
Level 21: Augmented

Re: Idiots

There are a couple of alternative ways of contacting Telstra Support:

  1. Via a chat using the Get help section of the My Telstra app.
  2. Messaging them using your mobile phone. This team operates from 0800-2000 AEST.
Level 25: The Singularity
Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Idiots

As far as the cancelled NBN Co Technician visit goes, that is standard practice by NBN Co. They get a works request notifying them of a fault, they then run a remote test of the service. If they can't see a problem, they cancel the appointment (and no, NBN Co don't ever check with the customer to make sure that the problem has been resolved before cancelling). This leaves the customer in the position of having to request that their RSP book another NBN Co Technician (which may get cancelled again).


If it gets cancelled more than once without a technician turning up, lodge a formal complaint about NBN Co with the ombudsman ( as they aren't doing their job properly.

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