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impossible to speak to customer service

Literally cannot get through to anyone on the phone, other then the chatbox and thats hours to days to even get responses and half the time the responses are useless.


Signed up to a new serice on 03/10/2020 only to find that they have connected the NBN to a completely different address in a different state. Took 5 hours on the chatbox to tell me they have resolved the issue. Checked in later spoke to someone else and nothing was actually done and they then told me after 3 days of using the **bleep**ty chatbox app i will need to cancel the service and re sign up because they have connected the NBN to a different address and the modem was sent there. 


Worst part is the owners of the other address contacted me VIA facebook telling me they received my modem and that they have now been disconnected from there current service.



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