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Incompetent Arrogance

I ordered Telstra Broadband 03rd December 2018. I also ordered to BYO SIM to be activated once the internet connection via Broadband had been installed. At the time my email accounts were on the mobile phones with another carrier.

Telstra delivered 1 x SIM a week later after billing from the 4th December 2018.

Telstra sent existing carrier a message saying number and phone being ported to Telstra. Existing carrier then canceled that phone number and SIM (which was part of a shared data plan and email accounts).

I was told an installation of broadband would occur 17Dec18 slow but that's life. However, Telstra did not show up.I have spent almost 20 hours in online chats, phone calls and continually get transferred to another section who turns out after an hour two is not the right department. I complained and retold "what and why I wanted the order as I asked" every week between 3Dec18 and 5Feb19. And not once in any way did Telstra follow the order. I had another 2 days wasted sitting at home waiting for Telstra to turn up as advised. Then on 5th February I get asked if I want a mobile phone to have my landline calls put through at landline cost of calls instead of mobile rates (ALL CALLS INCLUDED IN MOBILE RATES) while I wait the 2 weeks for the "RAPID RESPONSE" to connect the landline. I replied I don't care about the landline I want the INTERNET connection. So then I am told that because I have refused the offer to help I am no longer eligible for a payment for services not installed. I said you knew what would happen and because I chose to not get another mobile to handle calls to a number that has never been used I lose any benefits of being stuffed around for 3 months. She said YES. And I said YES to Optus and cancelled everything as I had warned more times than not with the people I had dealt with on a weekly basis. So I cancelled, then I get a call at 7 pm from Resolutions and after explaining just how absolutely fed up I was not willing to be stupid enough to continue with such incompetence from a business. Then Today I get a bill for $975. I got all these bloody emails some 50 odd from Telstra telling how great things are when they were not from Strickland about the Critical Information Summary which was WRONG 2 out 3 subjects and then Fiona Hayes who has a NO_REPLY email address. I think I should bill these idiots for the time lost by each full day waiting for Telstra to arrive and all the time spent in online chats and phone chats where nothing was resolved or achieved in 3 long months. And it will be a lot more than $975.

Telstra defies logic on how they can operate as a business and not go broke from sued and losing customer faith.


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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Incompetent Arrogance

Hi fOOLTELSTRA, my apologies for the ongoing poor experience in having this order completed and the subsequent billing problems arising from the cancellation of the services. It's not the level of service we want to be providing and I hope a suitable solution can be provided for you soon.

While we're not able to access accounts via posts on these forums, this cancellation fee complaint can be followed up by a case manager in our Complaints teams through the secure link at

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