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incorrect charges

I signed up for NBN which was connected on 1 December. I was assured that my current Mobile Broadband plan would cease once this was connected. My plan cycle finished on 5th of December. I did not use my mobile broadband after the 4th of December, and only used it this long because the NBN range does not extend 5 metres from the house to my office!!! I have had to purchase an ethernet cable to be able to use NBN where I need it most!


The bill I have just received includes the plan costs for December (I did not use all my allowance for November  so there was no extra to pay.). When I went in to the Telstra shop to query this the assistance told me that as I was cancelling the account today I would have to pay the pro-rata amount from the 5th to the 13th. I objected to this as I had confirmed that it would be cancelled from from the commencement of the NBN bundle. He advised that I would then receive a credit in next month's bill. He could not seem to understand that I am not liable for the December payment as the monthly payment is taken in advance.


As a pensioner I cannot afford to pay extra amounts and then get a credit next month! I will therefore be only paying for the NBN bundle and not the December payment for the cancelled mobile broadband. I feel this is the right thing to do as I couldn't get any clarity from the Telstra shop. Do you agree? (I had previously rung Telstra and was told I would get a return call within 1 -2 hours. That was 2 days ago!)




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Support Team

Re: incorrect charges

Hi Fritzie,


I can appreciate your concerns. Please contact our team on 1800 834 273 and they will be able to look into this bill further.


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