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Keep getting access denied or Technical failure when trying to delete emails

My emails will NOT delete off the server once they have downloaded. I am now 5 of the same messages deep and now downloading over 600 emails. I can log into webmail.. choose to delete my mail then as soon as I hit delete to delete the first page I keep getting a TECHNICAL FAILURE page. For christ sakes fix your **bleep**!! I'm over downloading over 600 emails every time I turn on my PC as they've downloaded 5 times already and keep looping.. OVER YOUR **bleep**



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Re: Keep getting access denied or Technical failure when trying to delete emails

Hey Bronnie

Sounds really annoying indeed, do you have an older bigpond account, or are you using the newer microsoft based email from Telstra? 

One action may be to disable your email client on the PC, or at least change the period, length of time that your PC email client downloads email  within so that you are not replicating downloads of older mail for now to save on band width.


Just checked and there doesn't seem to be any widespread email issues ongoing, so it would be best to contact Tech Support on 133933 to see if there is a way to resolve this. It does sound unusual




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