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Lost Email


Recently my laptop hard drive died and I lost my .pst file containing my Outlook emails and Calendar information.

When I went on-line to webmail in My Account, I could only view the last two weeks of emails and no calendar information.

I have a back-up of my .pst file but only up to 7/02/2020, so I have lost about six weeks of emails and my Calendar information. My Local Outlook settings were set to remove mail from the server after 14 days.

Is there any way that I can:

1. Get access to emails sent to me from 7-Feb to 21-Mar-2020?

2. Get the most recent snapshot of my calendar (3-April)?

Does Telstra keep or archive my emails for a longer period somewhere, so I can access my lost emails.


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Lost Email

If your emails are not accessible via webmail, they are gone for good.


Outlook does not sync your calendar to the Telstra webmail server unless you used a CalDav plugin (which you needed to set up within Outlook separately). If you did do this, then you will need to re-set it up on another machine that has Outlook installed (or another program that can read CalDav information).

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Re: Lost Email

Ok, thanks. I thought that would be the case but I just wanted to ask just in case.

Thanks for your quick reply and enjoy your long week-end.

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