Level 22: Superhuman
Level 22: Superhuman

My Account broken links and being kicked out

To whom it may concern at Telstra..


I am quite happy to self serve and reduce the load on Codi and the Cohorts..


But it is frustrating that there so many issues with broken links, missing information and such like on the My Account pages - some also seem to affect the My Telstra app as well..


For instance..

1. At random log ins, "information is not available on services and billing at this time - Retry

2. From My Account | Services then Home Phone, Manage Link then from Add-ons the link from the Manage button doesn't work and takes you back to the Log-in screen


Self serve is a great idea but it has to work, always, whenever a customer wants to use it for people to have confidence in it.


Over a couple of weeks I have tried multiple browsers, multiple devices, cleared caches and site data but item 2 seems to be stuck - which would indicate no-one at Telstra monitors the pages for proper operations?


Other people have found the same thing and I have tried on other peoples equipment and accounts.


I have tried three times to report it via the Codi muppets but it seems beyond them - they come back with responses like 'give me 20 minutes to investigate this and fix it for you" to which I ask if they are web designers or site administrators? because this is not a customer service type repair.


Self serve and the use of a messaging app will only work if the former is properly maintained and the latter equipped with multi tiers of support, staff are trained and familiar with products and the 'consultants' able to read and understand information, able to think for themselves and outside the box (or the weetbix box their troubleshooting steps and procedures are printed on).


Surely Telstra has had enough time to review the effectiveness of the Covid induced, new approach to customer support? Please please please do something to improve the offering and make it acceptable to ALL the Telstra customers, not just the technology savvy who have never lived without technology grafted to their arm! Some customers are old, infirm, not tech savvy and with english as a second language.


Have had a bad few days fixing issues in aged care facilities with equipment failures cause by the recent wet weather - in some instances older people left without any communication for a week while Telstra try to test fried devices and then ask NBN to attend, except they don't because for the 30 seconds that they test for, the service is working properly. Telstra customers are frustrated (me too)!


Apologies all, rant over - I just think for what customers are paying, they are NOT being well supported!.


Stevo 52
Too many devices, probably an addict 🙂 also a tinkerer and developer of stuff..
Not with Telstra, just another customer like you!

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