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My Account not showing all my services



So I recently changed my postpaid mobile to a prepaid account and asked if this would be reflected in MyAccount and was told it would be - but could take a couple of days.  3 months on and it's still not showing so I connected with 24hour Chat and Rosario told me this would be fixed and I would be able to see all my accounts in MyAccount as well as Telstra 24/7.  Unfortunately I got cut off the chat before I could check it and today I see that MyAccount is only showing 2 of my services and its the same on Telstra 24/7 app.  So instead of putting the one missing account back on they took a totally different account off also.


Seriously sometimes I need 1/2 day off work just to deal with Telstra issues.   Maddening.





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Re: My Account not showing all my services

Hey Clogwog65,


Welcome to Crowd Support 🙂


Sorry for the issues that have been experienced with having the Pre-Paid service included on your My Account and Telstra App services 😞


It should just be a matter of adding an account via the My Account service as long as the pre-paid account has been included under your same details as the other services. It would have a new account number that needs to be included on your profile. Are you able to have this completed under your profile in the My Account service?


I would also get in contact with the My Account Live Chat team 24/7 via:


They will be able to have this completed for you correctly. 

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Re: My Account not showing all my services

Hi DingoDan,


I realise how easy it should be but when I tried to add the account myself it came up with an error message.  I got a call from Telstra yesterday (Geraldine) regarding another matter and she put me through to Paul and he said he would fix it.  


I noticed this morning that that the Home Phone & Internet account is showing again but prepaid still not visible.  It might take a couple of days (fingers crossed).





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Re: My Account not showing all my services

This happened to me yesterday.  When I tried to add a pre-paid mobile broadband number it said the details didn't match.  Tried telstra online chat and they said the new number should appear on the account in 2-3 hours but still waiting.  Also - why isn't it possible to Remove numbers that are no longer required on the my account online?

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Re: My Account not showing all my services

You neeed to register a new telstra ID for the prepaid account and then login with those details into the app and then you just have to switch between the 2 usernames

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