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My Email Change has not been completed

I changed my email address from hotmail to gmail, and advised Telstra.  The system is ridiculous - you can't change your username, so I still sign in using the old email address which is fine.  BUT I have changed my email address in my profile, I have submitted support tickets and had the email change done directly with Telstra, I have contacted each department I use in Telstra to do it because I keep getting emails to the old email address.


Today it's crowdsupport...


I get this email to my old hotmail:

I click on the link to manage my subscription and notification settings:

I get to a page that has no option to change my email address (and I clicked on all the menu labels)

I confirm my Telstra account has the right email address:


So, what on earth does someone have to do to get this fixed?  It's not hard - get your database and update the registered email address and make sure all the subscriptions refer to the updated email address.


Can you help, Telstra?  Or am I doomed to receive emails in my old email address forever?  Some might even consider that against the spam rules?

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