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My Telstra account problem

I have a problem accessing my account and the Telstra app chat was the slowest and most painful process I've experienced with Telstra in the 20 years I've been a customer.


So - I have an NBN plan and a mobile plan. My husband has a mobile plan, in his name, separate to the accounts in my name. Once upon a time (maybe until January or February), I could see two accounts (mine with 2 products and his with 1 product) when I logged into My Telstra online or if I was logged in on the app on my phone. Now, when I log in, I can only see his account. I can see my mobile account if I'm off wifi and on data (at least I could until today when now nothing works - "something went wrong, refresh now or try again later").


So I spent 10 hours repeating myself endlessly on the chat function on the app a week ago.. I gave my name, dob and account number multiple times in the same thread, I get told numerous times to try reinstalling the app which I clearly couldn't do when using the app to chat to them, but also makes no difference as I also have the problem on multiple computers and using different browsers.


In the end, the CSO sent the last message asking for my husbands account number (for the third time or something) at 9pm, by which stage my phone was away so I didn't see it and they closed out the issue at 11pm as completed (I had been chatting to them since 1pm that day!)


So, how on earth to I get Telstra to actually look at my problem? I don't want to chat with them again, three times in the 10 hours they said I could be escalated if I just gave one more piece of information and then still didn't escalate me. The only useful solution offered was to go to a Telstra store and given they want us to #stayathome that seems like a dumb idea. This isn't critical, they still email my invoice but I can't change plans or see how much data I'm using or anything else that I might want to do.


Thanks to anyone who's read my grumpy essay. Undying gratitude to anyone who knows how I can get this stupid issue fixed.

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Re: My Telstra account problem

Should add that I thought maybe My Telstra account was the problem as I get emails to two different email addresses to the same account and when I log in to My Telstra they don't have my married name (even though it's been 10 years since I submitted a change of name and all my other communications is in my married name).. so I re-registered for a new My Telstra account, from scratch, using my account number. Still only connected to my husband's data and cannot see anything of mine. I don't even want to see his, it's nothing to do with me, paid by his work.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: My Telstra account problem

You won't be able to get it fixed at the moment. There just isn't the staff available to do anything about it.


Once Livechat starts working again (probably won't be for another couple of weeks), try using that instead. They should be able to fix the problem unless it is a backend data problem, in which case it will need to be escalated to the database gods to fix.

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