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online billing

I have been getting this error (below) for a few weeks now when I try to veiw my online billing. I'm logged in, but I can't get to anything.


My Account - Error

Error Code: 3001

Unfortunately we are unable to display your
account details. Please try again in 24 hours.

Please register for My Account to view and manage your accounts and
services, or go to

Alternatively, please contact us on via live chat


You are currently logged in.
Please log out if you wish to leave


How long until this gets sorted?

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Re: online billing

I have been getting this error and others for months. then all of a sudden it works again. They apparently atre changing a lot of stuff on their website. Pretty badly run if you ask me.... for such a big company.


I couldnt access my usage either for 6 months and was always worried i would go over my limit and get charged heaps. Well guess what i got charged an extra $90 which they eventually waivered after me complaining for 90 minutes on the phone. So then i read yesterday that in a couple of week all services will be capped. Which is great.


Telstra are now finally starting to listen to their customers and becoming more competetive. So things will change slowly and stuff up too. You can always call then and they will give you detail you need.

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