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Priority assist

Good day!

I just would like to ask if what is the process in priority assist.

what is the time frame to restore services?

what are the alternatives resolution for us?
who will be liable if no one calls us even though i already submitted a ticket?
are we entitled for reimbursement?

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Re: Priority assist


If a customer with a home phone has a life threatening illness, that is the basic qualification for Priority Assist.

The link above will lead you through the process.

You will need a doctor's certificate to substantiate the health issue.

The time frame is not fixed, but the intention is to repair the service as quickly as possible.

When you did your NBN application, it offers you a link to notify NBN that you have the illness and will be registering with Telstra.

At the end of the day, Telstra is in the hands of NBN.


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Re: Priority assist

Thank you so much for the reply. we are already tagged as Priority assist customer. and i just would like to find out the answers for those questions.

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