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"502 Bad Gateway" error when trying to log into the website or app

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: "502 Bad Gateway" error when trying to log into the website or app

There can be a number of reasons for a 502 bad gateway error, but it's usually a communication error, the server acting as the gateway, or proxy, received an invalid response from the main server that’s upstream. 


a 502 error is one of many HTTP status codes, you may also see error 502, 502 error, HTTP 502, 502 service temporarily overloaded, 502 bad gateway NGINX. There can be a few reasons this will pop up. 


DNS Changes - during server migration, domains sometimes need changes in the Domain Name System (DNS) which is the communication link between domain names and IP Addresses. This can take hours to become fully activated. 


The origin server isn't working - the server could be down, connectivity issues, or too much traffic


The server has failed - due to crash or routine maintenance


Firewall - its main purpose is to provide protection, but it can mistake safe content for malicious


General troubleshooting includes:


Refresh the page, start a new browser session or load the site on a different browser, restart your computer and networking equipment, clear your cache and cookies, or change your DNS server.


If you don't have any luck with those tricks, you can get in contact with our tech support team through the My Telstra app ( Wink by heading to the "Get Help" tab and click the blue messaging icon. 

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