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"No accounts found"

3 months ago I migrated my mobile service back to Telstra.  I still have my Telstra ID from a couple of years ago (my email address).  When I log in I get the message "No accounts found".


I notice that many others have had the same problem and the standard response seems to be "talk to our 24/7 chat team".  Well I tried that and spent almost an hour getting routed among several different reps, before I was connected to someone who said he would be able to fix it.  But that was several days ago and I still can't get account access. 


I need online account access and I don't want to spend hours setting it up.  


Surely this can't be that hard, Telstra???



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Re: "No accounts found"

You need to click on the accounts drop down list and select Add. You can then add your account to your Telstra ID.
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Re: "No accounts found"

Thanks for your response Jupiter.


I don't see any accounts drop down list?  


Here is a screenshot....


Most of the links up the top go to a "404 - page not found" or other error page.

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Re: "No accounts found"

Settings > Account Settings is where you need to go to add accounts. If it doesn't allow you to do that the ID is broken.

When you go to the livechat page and get the 'what do you want to chat about' popup, you need to select 'Entertainment and Apps', then 'My Account'.

That team is the only team that provides official support for Telstra ID issues. The ID you're using needs to be disassociated so it can be re-registered. Takes about 15 seconds to hit the button (well copy/paste, enter key, then 5 clicks, to be more precise), then a few minutes for it to push through. Then when you log in afterwards you'll get the 'Welcome to Telstra' screen with an add account option.

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Re: "No accounts found"

Thanks Yastiandrie, much appreciated.  I will try that process. 


A bit annoying that I've already spent about an hour with the Telstra chat team without being put through to the correct group, even after explaining very clearly (3 different times) the problem I was having!

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