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Telstra account hacked

Hi, my Telstra account has been hacked, they have logged in and changed my password, my billing address and apparently my drivers licence number (how would Telstra let someone alter D/L number online)?

I called 132200 and they told me I needed to go into a Telstra store. I went to a Telstra store and they advised they were unable to assist and to call 132200?? 

What do I have to do to get control of my account again?

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Re: Telstra account hacked

This was the start of my nightmare. After my sim got jacked. I started losing access to a whole bunch of stuff due to vulnerabilities in MFA via SMS. The Telstra help was appalling. The hackers had a whole lot more access and help than I ever did. The operator that I was speaking with on live chat (only because they wouldn't answer the damn phones) was worse than useless. I was trying to get in touch with them in the morning after receiving a suspicious OTP. The operator told me that Telstra did in fact call me, which they did not and it was the hackers that did. After losing service I told them to immediately disconnect my service. It was a bit of a cry of desperation watching the hackers reset my passwords one by one. My messages went something like this:
HELP. STOP MY LINE PLEASE. I've been compromised. Disconnect my line now!"


To which I got a reply 6 hours later. Saying this exactly:

"Thank you for your patience.

I am sorry for the delay in response, due to high volume with instant messaging, I have received your message now. If I understand correctly, you want to enquire about the spam call or not?"


I will be seeking legal advice on the level of misinformation and incompetence I have faced yesterday. 

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Re: Telstra account hacked

Telstra operated and owned "Telstra Stores" would be my suggestion, as the best place to resolve this. The freanchise stores are, in my experience just want to sell device and service bundles for commission. 


That said, its still likely the best place to resolve.  Escalate to the store manager, inform them of the service being compromised and you have been told to come to the store. In these instances, anyone in theory could claim to be the primary account holder.


This is why 100 point of identification , from original documents is required.


I am going to assume just about all of you, who have "been hacked" have had this occur via password reuse.  If you have used the same password with more than one online service, you are unfortunately to blame. 


I would advocate using a password management solution with multifactor authentication. Lastpass, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or even the newly launched Firefox Lockwise. All of these support the broader ecosystem or iPhone, Android, Windows 10, MacOSX and Ubuntu.


Lastly to Telstra ... hey, I get it. Covid rushed the usage and reliance on chatbots on your digital channel. But please, its half baked.  A/B test it. But you can't put lipstick on a camel, a MNVO spinoff would be a better strategy here than dealing with the BSS/OSS stack.


PS im not spell checking.. this has already taken too much time to type on my Nokia 5110.

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Re: Telstra account hacked

I do use LP and rotate my passwords and multi factor. I did get an OTP which I did not share or use with anyone albeit at the request of the fake Telstra operator, I still got compromised.

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Re: Telstra account hacked

Telstra do have a specialist Security Department which I understand is now partially being operated again. You need a department must more specialized that general enquiries/Live Chat.

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