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Where's My Order

I ordered my phone. I acknowledged there would be a delay. So I kept checking my order and the tracking which all I got was the following screen shot. Then I get emails saying here's your new bill and charges. I thought strange, I still have no phone. So I logged in, old plan stopped and new plan started. Go into chat to the useless bot system, finally get on to a human and the results are so vague as no one has an idea as they see complete. Now I could not see current orders all this time and then all of a sudden it's in past orders as complete. How can it be processed and completed on the ame date? (see below screen shot) Now seriously, you can't even give me proof of delivery and StarTrack don't even recognise the number. The solution is to, one stop charging me and two, find my phone and deliver it. There's no phone, no phone here. 

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Level 1: Cadet

Re: Where's My Order

After many phone calls and waiting for hours I have dsicovered that the left hand doesn't talk to the right hand. Especially ig you buy online. I finally have a tracking number and the phone is on it's way. Telstra's service is absolutely woeful. My advice is, look elsewhere for service. 

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