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New Phone & Tablet Feeling FAQ

Update: New Phone and Tablet Feeling is not available to new customers that take up any mobile or tablet plans on and from 14 January 2020. If you took up this extra before 14 January 2020, you can continue to redeem it as per the existing terms for these services. You can check to see if you have this extra in the My Telstra app or My Account.




How does the New Phone & Tablet Feeling work?
New Phone & Tablet Feeling allows you to take up a brand new mobile or tablet after twelve months into your contract. To redeem the offer you need to return your device undamaged and in good working condition, and sign up to a new eligible 24 month handset repayment plan and new eligible 24 month plan. When you reach your eligible date to redeem, you can place your order online and elect to redeem your new device through New Phone & Tablet Feeling. We’ll then send you your new device and a return satchel for your old phone.


But don’t worry, you’ll receive instructions with your order on what to do and next steps.


For more information, you can go online


Does this impact my pre-order?
If you’re eligible to redeem new phone feeling during the pre-order period, this won’t impact your pre-order eligibility. But if you’re not yet eligible during the pre-order period, you won’t be able to redeem your New Phone Feeling until your eligible redemption date, which is the anniversary of your first 12 months into your contract.


I signed up for New Phone & Tablet Feeling less than 12 months ago, can I still use this to upgrade?
You’ll need to wait until your redemption date (your 12-month anniversary) before you can redeem your New Phone & Tablet Feeling.


If my New Phone & Tablet Feeling eligibility date is the same as the expected delivery date for a backorder, when can I place my order?  Should I wait until my eligibility date?
You need to wait until your 12-month anniversary date before you place your order. Any order placed before 12 months will not be eligible to redeem New Phone & Tablet Feeling and early termination charges will apply.


How do I check my New Phone Feeling redemption date?

You can check if you’re eligible to redeem New Phone Feeling via the My Telstra App or My Account


Where can Small Business customers redeem New Phone Feeling?

During pre-order customers are only able to redeem New Phone Feeling through their local Telstra Business Centre . Once the device launches in market, customers are able to redeem New Phone Feeling through our contact centres and stores. Customers are not able to redeem online.


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