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Orders and Backorders FAQ

If I’m still under contract, will I be charged a fee for ordering a new phone?
You can place an order online if you’re still under contract. However, please be aware that you’ll incur early termination charges if you terminate your existing contract before the contract end date. You can check your outstanding early termination charges in My Telstra with your Telstra ID.

What does it mean when it says backorder or extended delivery?
You can still place an order for your new device to secure your place in our queue, but if orders exceed our warehouse stock, you may need to wait longer for your delivery. Once stock becomes available, we’ll allocate that stock to your order based on your place in the queue and dispatch your new device from our warehouse. We’ll keep you updated via email on the progress in the queue.

You can also track your order online anytime for the latest update.

How long will it take for a backordered phone to arrive?
Some colours and sizes are more popular than others. We’ll provide you an estimated delivery time on our website before you place your order so that you have a guide as to how long you’ll have to wait. We’ll then keep you updated via email on your progress in the queue until stock arrives. Once stock arrives, we’ll send you an email that will outline your delivery and tracking details and important next steps.


In the meantime, you can keep track of your order online here.

You can also track your order anytime using the My Telstra app.


Check out our article - The easiest way to track your Telstra order.

How can l cancel my back-order?
As long as your order has not yet been picked & packed and/or dispatched to you, you may cancel your order. To determine if your order can be cancelled, please message us via the My Telstra app.


How can l tell if my order has been dispatched?
To check the status of your order and determine if it has been picked & packed and/or dispatched, enter your order confirmation number (begins with 1- or BP or SBS or CB and is between 10-14 characters in length), into our Online Order Tracker.


If the status of your order appears as per below, your order has been dispatched and early termination charges will apply if it is cancelled:

Status: Dispatched

Your order has been dispatched and is on its way. You would have received an email with your StarTrack tracking instructions to your nominated email address.



For more information about our order process, check out the below links:

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