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4G Network Enhancement – Device Firmware Fix


The next few years will unleash unprecedented new demands on our network. That’s why Telstra recently announced plans to build the Network of the Future, ensuring we will be ready for twice as many streaming videos, four times the number of connected devices and five times the internet traffic.


To support this plan we will be making network enhancements to our 4G 700MHz spectrum from 11 July.

As a result, some customers will need to update the software on their device.


Do I need to do anything?

Most devices approved for use on the Telstra mobile network will not be affected and will continue to work as they do today.  There are however some devices that will need to update their software to ensure there is no disruption to their current service. 


Affected devices have already been sent a software notification from the device manufacturer.  We have also notified all customers who are using a device that requires a software update.


The vast majority of in market devices are already up to date and no action is required. The following Telstra supplied devices do need to be updated;


If you’ve recently made this update no action is required.


How do I update my device?

Software updates have already been sent from the device manufacturer to these devices and you just need to perform the update.  We have put together handy guides to help you through the update process, which you can find by click the links above.


Customers with an in-built Huawei ME906s-158 mobile broadband device in their laptop will need to contact the manufacturer for assistance with obtaining and installing the update.


What happens if I don’t update my device?

If you don’t do anything then your device will continue to operate although you may experience slower speeds. It may not connect to our 4G service and fall back onto our 3G service.


If you are not using a device supplied by Telstra
If you have brought your own device (BYO) for use on the Telstra network we cannot guarantee that your device will continue to be compatible with all the 4G coverage frequency bands and technologies we operate on our network.

Devices sold by Telstra go through a rigorous and extended testing process before we make them available to customers to ensure they are fully compatible with the technologies we operate on our network. We also work with device manufacturers to provide device software updates so that these devices continue to offer the best possible experience as we evolve our network.

Devices that are not purchased directly through Telstra can still be used on the Telstra Mobile Network but we cannot guarantee these devices will perform to the same standards.

Following our network upgrade, some BYO devices may no longer connect to our 4G 700MHz network band. They will instead operate on our 4G 2600MHz or 1800MHz bands. It may also fall back to our 3G network which may result in slower data speeds in some locations for a small proportion of customers. You can find out more about the coverage available in your area by visiting here.


If you notice that your data speeds are slower after the upgrade and this is affecting the way you use your phone or mobile broadband device, we recommend you move to a Telstra supplied device.


Still need help?

Personal Customers

Call us on 13 22 00 and say “mobile faults”


Small Business Customers

Call us on 13 2000 and say “mobile faults”


Business Customers including Telstra Enterprise

Contact 13 22 53 and follow the prompts.

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