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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Update as of 16/01/2017 2.30pm AEDT 


Samsung Australia, in partnership with all mobile providers in Australia, started to withdraw access to Australian mobile networks for the Samsung Galaxy Note7 from 15 December 2016. Once this is complete the Note7 will not be able to connect to any Australian mobile network.


Please note: Your Telstra SIM card will work in another device. It is only the Note7 that will no longer register to the Telstra network.


Information for returning your Samsung Galaxy Note7 and/or Galaxy S7 Edge loan phone

Returning your Note7:

Samsung has advised that you should power down your Note7 device and return it to your place of purchase. If your device was purchased from Telstra the data must be backed up and wiped, then the device returned to a Telstra store.

If you can’t get to a Telstra store, please do the following:

  1. Contact Telstra on 1800 006 834 to advise us you would like your handset picked up
  2. You will receive a kit from Telstra which will include the items (e.g. box, tape, labels) required to package your Note7 (packaged correctly, the box can hold up to 3 handsets), as well as a copy of the Packing Instructions for you to follow, and a Transport Declaration which needs to be signed
  3. You can contact Toll on 1300 139 861 to organise a pick-up from your desired location
  4. Toll will only collect the package with a signed Declaration, and if you are present


Returning your S7 Edge loan phone

There are three ways to return your S7 Edge loan phone:

  1. It can be packed in the same kit as the Note7
  2. It can be sent back to Telstra using the satchel sent to you
  3. You can take the phone to your nearest Telstra store.


What does this mean?

Once network services are withdrawn, your Note7 will not be able to connect to any Australian mobile network. However it will still be able to be used for emergency calls.


What if I need to make an emergency call?

You will still be able to call 000 after 15 December, however, this will be the only call you can make.


Why was my Note 7 blocked?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall has been in progress since September. In that time, we have sent SMS’, emails, letters and called customers. Additionally, Samsung has sent device notifications to owners directly. Samsung felt that this was the next step to ensure your personal safety was not put at risk.


Can you unblock my handset?

The network barring occurred across all networks in Australia and cannot be removed like normal barring can. What we can do is help you buy a new phone without being charged for any cancellation fees for the Note7.


What should I do if I am currently using a Note7?

Samsung is advising customers with both the original and the replacement Note7 smartphones to power down their devices and contact their place of purchase to discuss a return. If you have a Note7 smartphone we would like to help you move to a new smartphone model or with a full refund on your Note7 purchase. If you want to recontract all early termination charges will be waived.


Is my safety at risk if I continue to use my replacement Note7?

Samsung has advised that you should power down your replacement Note7, do not use it and return it to its place of purchase. If you have an original Note7, you should also power it down, and bring it back to store.


I thought only the original Note7 had a battery issue, are you saying there’s a problem with my replacement Note7?

Samsung recalled the Galaxy Note7 on 5 September 2016. Since then it’s implemented a replacement program. However after reported battery issues involving replacement Note7s emerged, Samsung is now advising all Note7 customers to power down their devices and return them to their place of purchase.


What happens when a new Note device comes out, can I get that for free then?

Samsung has not advised of any plans to release a new Note device. We can assist you in ensuring that you are not charged for any termination charges for your Note7 plan or handset.


What do I do if I’m overseas and can’t fly back with my phone?

If you’re overseas and can’t fly with your phone, please go to, scroll down to ‘Australian Customers Overseas’ and fill in the form. Samsung will prioritise calling you to work with you on a solution.


I don’t understand what the problem is, where can I get more info?

There is information on Samsung’s website:


Flight Restrictions

A number of airlines have now banned the carriage of Galaxy Note7s on international and domestic flights as either carry-on or in your checked baggage. This means you cannot take a Note7 on the flight even if it’s turned off. Please check with your airline for more info. Samsung also has more info on its website.


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