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What’s World Wi-Fi Day?

World Wi-Fi Day is an international event championed by the Wireless Broadband Alliance . The purpose is to recognise and celebrate the significant role Wi-Fi plays in connecting cities and communities around the world.


What’s the offer?

The event takes place internationally on Monday 20th June.


To celebrate World Wi-Fi Day, Telstra and our partner Fon are offering free Wi-Fi access to Australians over four days: Friday 17th June to Monday 20th June, 2016.


Anyone can participate, all you need is a Wi-Fi enabled device and to follow the steps below.


If you are a Telstra Air customer you don’t need to follow these steps as you can already access the Telstra Air Free Wi-Fi Offer find out more at



What does the World Wi-Fi Day Offer cost?

Access to Wi-Fi is free during the offer period.


Where can I find a hotspot?

You can find your closest hotspot at

Please note, Telstra Free Wi-Fi may not be available at all hotspots.


Accessing Telstra Free Wi-Fi

Step 1:  When you’re in range of a participating Telstra public hotspot, in the list of available networks on your mobile device, search and connect to: Telstra Free Wi-Fi


Step 2:  A pop-up browser should automatically open; if it doesn’t:

  • Open an internet browser on your device (Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer etc)
  • Try to access any website (Facebook, YouTube)
  • This will trigger the portal to open


Step 3: Click Connect to accept the offer terms and conditions to access 30 minutes of Free Wi-Fi.


Step 4:  You will see a success screen and can now access free Wi-Fi at your current hotspot       


Step 4:  After each 30 minute session, your free Wi-Fi session will time out and you will see a browser pop up. On this screen you can reconnect for another 30 minutes by clicking connect and accepting the offer terms and conditions on screen.


Note: If you want to use Wi-Fi at another Telstra Free Wi-Fi hotspot, you will need to complete this process again


Can I reconnect after using 30 minutes of Free Wi-Fi at Telstra Free Wi-Fi hotspots?

Yes. You can reconnect for successive 30 minute sessions by clicking “Connect” on screen and therefore accepting the terms and conditions.


Accessing Fon Wi-Fi

Telstra’s partner, Fon, is offering free Wi-Fi at its hotspots in Australia from 17th to 20th June, 2016. In addition, on 20th June Fon is offering free Wi-Fi at participating hotspots in selected locations overseas.


Step 1:When you’re in range of a participating Fon hotspot, in the list of available networks on your mobile device, search and connect to Fon Wi-Fi


Step 2:  A pop up browser should automatically open, however if it doesn’t:      

  • Open an internet browser on your device (Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer etc)
  • Try to access any website (Facebook, YouTube)
  • This will trigger the Fon portal to open


Step 3:  In the pop-up browser click Redeem a promo code - TelstraFonOffer


Step 4:  You will be asked to sign in and create a new Login ID or use a previously created Login ID (username and password)


Step 5:  Accept Fon’s privacy terms and conditions


Step 6:  You should now be connected and can use free Wi-Fi at the selected hotspot


Note: If you want to use Wi-Fi at another Fon hotspot during the offer period, you will need to log in with the credentials you just created


For more information about accessing free Wi-Fi with Fon, visit Fon’s website


What if the hotspot is full?

To provide the best speed and experience, the number of users on all hotspots will be limited.


If you’re trying to connect to a hotspot that’s full, you’ll see an on-screen notification to move to the next available hotspot on the Telstra Air Map.


What if I’m already a Telstra Air customer?

If you’re already a Telstra Air customer you can continue using Telstra Air as you do today. As a Telstra Air customer you already have free Wi-Fi access to all Telstra Air hotspots across Australia through the Telstra Air Free Wi-Fi Offer until 30 September, 2016.


The Telstra Air App, which is for the exclusive use of Telstra Air customers, is the easiest way to connect your Apple or Android device and benefit from the Telstra Air Free Wi-Fi Offer.


Can I still sign up for the Telstra Air during this period?

Yes, you can. Telstra personal mobile, personal mobile broadband, and home broadband customers with a Telstra Air compatible service and gateway, can sign up to receive free Wi-Fi until 30 September, 2016. Find out more at


What if I’m overseas during World Wi-Fi Day?

For World Wi-Fi day in another participating country you’ll need to go to the Fon website for terms and conditions.


Each country will have its own offer period and unique promo code.




Telstra Free Wi-Fi for World Wi-Fi Day – Terms and Conditions


This Wi-Fi service (”the Service”) is provided by Telstra Corporation Limited. By accessing and using the Service, you accept the following terms.


The Service is unencrypted and public. You may wish to use a more secure connection to send or receive any sensitive information. Remember to disconnect from the Wi-Fi network after using it.


We are providing the Service for a limited time only. We may, in our sole discretion, limit or block certain websites or content.


You are solely responsible for any information or data uploaded, downloaded or otherwise communicated via the Service and you are responsible for keeping all usernames, passwords and other security-based information secure and private. You should protect your device against unwanted traffic or downloads, including by maintaining up-to-date anti-virus software.

You accept that your access to and use of the Service is at your own risk and we do not guarantee that the Service will be available at all times or will operate without error. We can suspend or terminate your access to the Service in our sole discretion and without notice, without any liability to you.


Once you access the Service and open your internet browser application to view a website, we will collect information regarding your browser and device type/name and/or operating system information as used by your device, to determine the most effective way to display the requested webpage or content on your device. We will also collect and store the IP and MAC address of the device that has accessed the Service and non-personal information about your use of the Wi-Fi service. We will use this information for monitoring our service so that we can improve it.


You must not use or attempt to use the Service, or allow Service to be used in any way:

  • that is unlawful or could cause us to be in breach of any law – eg, you must not infringe the intellectual property rights of any person or commit
  • any criminal offences;
  • that is obscene, defamatory, libellous, threatening, abusive, offensive or hateful;
  • which could result in us incurring liability to any person;
  • which could interfere with the Service, our networks or equipment or those of another person, or the provision by us of services to you or another person;
  • to engage in conduct or activities that we consider could adversely affect our reputation or brands; or which attempts to manipulate or bypass any limitations on the Service by any means.


To the extent permitted by law, we are not responsible to you for any loss or damage you suffer in connection with using the Service, eg, due to viruses downloaded or loss or damage to data. You agree to indemnify us and our personnel, from and against all loss, damage, expense or cost arising from your use of the Service or breach of these terms.


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Wow we have come a long way since the olden days when my nanna tells me the wireless was the patchy radio that played dodgy signal radio stations that cut in and out at will 🙂


happy international Wifi day people for next monday!!!

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