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Firmware update - Cable Telstra Gateway Max - Netgear C6300

Firmware update - Cable Telstra Gateway Max - Netgear C6300


The current firmware: Version 1.04.10 

The upgraded firmware: Version 1.04.13


UPDATE 23/09/15


The roll out of the newest firmware version 1.04.13 will began on the 21/09/15. 



What you need to do

Nothing. The new firmware will be remotely upgraded on active Cable Broadband services that have this gateway connected. The upgrade will occur during the early morning so as to minimise disruption to the customer. The gateway should automatically go through the process of upgrading and come back online when finished. All settings will be retained.

If you experience any issues with the gateway not coming back online, restarting the gateway should resolve in most instances.


Customers who connect a new modem after the roll out has been completed, can expect their modem to be automatically updated within 48 hours of registration.

What’s better


  • Factory Reset Hole Button Improvement. Only a press of the Factory Reset Hole Button for longer than 10 seconds will reset the Gateway to Factory Default. Previously, if the Factory Reset Hole Button was pressed shorter than 10 seconds, this would only reboot the Gateway, and not perform the desired Factory Reset. This should make Factory Resets easier to know that it has succeeded.
  • DNS IP address in Modem Page has been corrected so primary and secondary DNS IPs display correctly.
  • Resolved a Smart Mesh lock up after gateway and HNE2 was running over a period of time.
  • Resolved a NetUSB security vulnerability
  • Resolved Wi-Fi Access Control List work and display with Smart Mesh
  • Improved WAN connection stability
  • Resolved random gateway reboots when enabling/disabling Wi-Fi



Version history
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May 2017
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