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Technicolor TG582n + TG587nV3

The following is a quick guide on the most common features you may need to use and access on a Technicolor modem for ADSL.


To access the modem interface navigate to in your internet browser. This will allow you to access all features of the modem.




Basic Setup


For first time installation or for updating your username / password, navigate to the modem home page and under the heading of Broadband Connection is Internet.


If your service is currently connected you will have to click Disconnect, otherwise enter your desired username / password and click Connect.





DMZ Mode


While port forwarding doesn't work very well on this range of modem you can get around certain issues such as Restricted NAT on PSN or XboxLive for example by assigning a public IP address.


To set this select Home Network followed by Devices. At the bottom of the screen under Pick a Task is Assign the Public IP address of a connection to a device.


Here you can assign a device to DMZ mode allowing traffic through all ports to the selected device. You can also manually assign a single IP address to your device e.g. Xbox360 or PS3 to get this to work with other modems of this range.






Parental Control


To setup parental control settings, go to Toolbox followed by Parental Control.


You can set the filtering to only allow certain sites and subaddresses or to block specific ones. There is no option to set these filters on a timer.




Modem Stats


Sometimes when trying to help diagnose a problem on TelstraCrowd Support, you may be asked for your modem stats. These can be found by navigating to Broadband Connection in the left hand menu, DSL Connection and then clicking Details in the top right hand corner. Generally you can copy paste the contents of this page into the relevant thread.



 Wireless Settings


To change or customise your wireless settings click on Wireless under Home Network. Then click Configure in the top right hand corner.


Here you can change settings such as your Network Name, Password, the frequency or channel the modem emits WiFi to help avoid interference, and also to disable power saving mode because fast internet is more important than the environment.


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