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How to set up my Foxtel online account


How to set up my Foxtel Online Account?


Foxtel ID (Online Services) gives subscribers access to additional services like Remote Record using the MyFoxtel app or streaming on demand and on the go with the Foxtel App. All Foxtel from Telstra customers can use the benefits of a Foxtel ID by registering here:


Step 1 of 3:

Go to Telstra MyAccount, selected your Foxtel From Telstra service, and note down the Foxtel Account Number.


(The Foxtel Account number will be the middle on and be 7 or 8 digits)

This is also noted on the Foxtel Magazine and should have been provided on the Welcome card when you first subscribed. If you don't have this number and can't access it via these self-service methods, don't worry you can get it by getting in contact or by using the SmartCard number from the SmartCard located in the device.

Step 2:

Go to the Foxtel ID registration page here

Step 3:

Follow the Foxtel registration instructions:

  • You will first need to enter the validation steps, this is where you will enter the Foxtel Account number or SmartCard number as well as your DOB to validate your account, 
  • You will also select your Foxtel username and password, this is what you will use to log into Foxtel ID services such as Foxtel App, MyFoxtel, or even to link your Foxtel Sports subscription on the FoxSports website. 


Please Note:

  • When entering the Smartcard number into the field do not include any spaces.
  • The Foxtel Account number is only 7 or 8 digits, it is not the same as your Telstra Account number.
  • My Foxtel Online Account (My Foxtel) gives subscribers access to various Foxtel online technology and mobile apps, such the Foxtel App, MyFoxtel, Preview (a monthly e-newsletter) and the FOX Sports News app. 
  • My Foxtel does not give Foxtel from Telstra customers' access to Foxtel's My Account service. Foxtel from Telstra customers should visit my account to monitor their services and manage their billing and payment options.
  • The Foxtel App is updated version of Foxtel Go and MyFoxtel is the updated version of Foxtel Guide. Foxtel App is different from Foxtel Now (previously Foxtel Play). 


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