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Telstra TV App

What are the features of Telstra TV App?


Telstra TV Box Office

You can watch all your purchased and rented Telstra TV Box Office titles directly within the Telstra TV mobile app.

Simply login and open your ‘Library’ from the bottom menu. Select the ‘Purchased’ tab, and there you will find all your Telstra TV Box Office titles!


My Offers

View and redeem offers based on your mobile plan eligibility.


Content Discovery 

Discover what to watch with Telstra TV Recommends, bringing together the latest content currently streaming across Telstra TV Box Office, Stan, Foxtel Now, BINGE, Disney+, ABC iview, SBS On Demand, 7plus, 9Now, 10 play and more.


Unified Search 

Not sure where to find a particular movie or TV show? Search for content without having to jump in and out of multiple streaming apps. Narrow down your search results to show only Movies or TV Shows, filter your search by Genre, or search for cast and crew members to find related content.


My Library - Wishlist

Found something you want to watch later? Save it to your Wishlist so that you don’t forget it. When you’re ready to watch, open the Telstra TV mobile app, go to the My Library tab and click on your Wishlist to view your saved titles and watch them on either your Telstra TV device or launch the content provider’s app on your mobile.


My Library - Purchased

Titles that you buy^ or rent on Telstra TV Box Office can be found within the ‘Purchased’ section of the My Library tab. (You must be logged in with your Telstra ID. ^See for more on what ‘Buy’ means).


Telstra TV remote 

Can’t find the remote? Control your Telstra TV device using the Telstra TV app on your mobile device (must be paired to a Telstra TV device on the same Wi-Fi network).

  • Play, pause, fast-forward, rewind and navigate through content and menus
  • Use Voice Control to find and play content on your Telstra TV, or play and pause what you’re watching
  • Enable Private Listening to listen to the audio from your Telstra TV through headphones connected to your mobile device
  • Use your phone’s keyboard to quickly type search terms on your Telstra TV device or login to compatible streaming apps

  • Launch your favourite Telstra TV apps with one click
  • Jump directly to Live TV* channels using the number pad to enter channel numbers

Notifications and Reminders

Set reminders for upcoming TV shows and movies to watch on Live TV (*Live TV is only available on Telstra TV2 and Telstra TV3).


What is ‘Telstra ID’?

Telstra ID are the credentials that you created or use to access your Telstra services. If you have an existing Telstra TV Box Office account, your account login details, purchases and rentals will remain unchanged.


If you’ve forgotten your username or password you can retrieve them through ( or directly from:

Password - .

Username -


How do I watch videos from Telstra TV Box Office on the Telstra TV mobile app?

The Telstra TV mobile app is primarily designed to link users off to each third party streaming app where videos can be played directly within those applications. However, you can also watch all your Telstra TV Box Office titles that you have bought or rented straight from your mobile app! To do this, login with your Telstra TV Box Office account and navigate to your Library - Purchases tab and enjoy all your favourite content on the go!

How do I search for a movie or TV show?

You can access search in two ways:

  • Search bar on the Featured tab
  • Search icon (top right) across all other screens

What app content is included in search?

Content from the following providers is included within search:

  • Telstra TV Box Office
  • Stan
  • Foxtel Now
  • ABC iView
  • 9Now
  • 10Play
  • 7Plus
  • SBS On Demand
  • AnimeLab
  • DocPlay
  • Hayu

Content Availability

Why can’t I see all available content from all providers on the Telstra TV home screen?

Content promoted on the Telstra TV home screen is only a selection of the latest and most popular titles currently available from our content partner apps. To discover more, use the Search function to find content related to a title, cast member or genre – or open the content partner’s app to directly browse more of their catalogue within. 


I tried searching for a movie or TV show but I am told there are no results.

The Search feature matches your query against the names/titles of movies and TV shows, the names of actors and directors, and genres (eg. Action, Comedy, Drama, etc). If your search has returned no results, this means that the content you are looking for is not currently available on any of the apps included in our search database (see “What providers are included in search?” above). However, you can find similar content using the genre filter tags.


TTV Remote

How can I pair my Telstra TV device to use my mobile device as a remote control?

The Telstra TV mobile app will automatically scan for any Telstra TV devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your device – and when it finds one, it will prompt you to pair the device with your Telstra TV mobile app.


Alternatively, within the Telstra TV app you can go to Menu () > Settings > Pair with your Telstra TV > Refresh ( ) to scan your network for your Telstra TV. Once your device is paired, you will see the remote icon on the top right-hand side change from grey to white – and a bar at the bottom of the screen indicating which Telstra TV device you’re currently paired to.



To use the mobile app as your Telstra TV remote control, simply click on the remote control icon on the top right-hand side or select the remote button on the bottom tab bar.


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