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Gateway Pro (Netgear V7610) Login Password retrieval

I have a V7610  modem and changed the password to a new one for security purposes after setting it up. It is still going perfectly but after carefully entering the password twice into the boxes provided on the device page as asked (I dont rememnber it giving me the option of a username change) I cannot log back in.

Can someone send ema  picture of the page that shows the password change page so i can try figure out what i did wrong ? Im thinking i must have not read the information correctly and put a password of somthing into the username or somthing.

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Re: Gateway Pro (Netgear V7610) Login Password retrieval

I should add that i have already exhausted all possible errors i can think i could have made. so I am now stumped.
Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Gateway Pro (Netgear V7610) Login Password retrieval

The admin password change page shows three windows:


Old Password
Set Password
Repeat New Password


If you are still not able to log into the modem, you may need to perform a factory default of the modem.


- Shelly

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