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Support Team
Support Team

Due to the demand for certain Telstra Copper (PSTN) features reducing, and with most not currently available on nbn™ technologies, we have decided to exit the following features to allow for a more seamless migration to the nbn network for our nbn and non-nbn customers:


31 January 2020:

CVPN Dial Plan

20 September 2020:

Private Payphone (Inclusive of Bluephone rental and maintenance contracts)


30 November 2020:

PSTN Number Redirection


28 February 2021:

Dial up capability for SMS Access Manager

The following features are changing:



Alternative Options

PSTN Number Redirection – Recorded Voice Announcement (RVA) Only and RVA and Connect type

Currently there are three methods to redirect voice calls; RVA Only, RVA and Connect and Immediate Redirection.


From 30 October 2020 the ‘RVA Only’ and ‘RVA and Connect’ Number Redirection types will be exited and all existing services migrated to an ‘immediate redirection’.



Dial up capability for SMS Access Manager (125107)

The dial up access method for SMS Access Manager is being exited from 28 February 2021.


To discuss alternative solutions, or for more information, please visit or contact your Account Executive (where applicable).


Private Payphone (customer operated payphone; inclusive of Bluephone Rental and Bluephone Maintenance contracts).

We have stopped selling this product from 1 December 2019.


We are intending on exiting the product however in light of current circumstances, we’ve decided to amend the exit timeframes for Payphone Line Complete and will update you on the revised timing as soon as we have more information.


If you want to cancel your service, you can speak to the Payphone Service Delivery Team on 1800 011 433 > Option 2.

Or email:  


Note: Alternative products do exist outside of Telstra. For more information, please web search ‘payphone suppliers Australia’ and ensure that the product(s) have relevant approvals (such as RCM or A-tick and C-tick for older hardware) and compatible with the voice line technology you choose to move to (NBN, mobile or PABX).


Why is Telstra exiting these Telstra Copper (PSTN) features?
Since the 1990s, the PSTN features have been in operation. However, the use of these PSTN features has been steadily declining as technology has changed the way we communicate. With the progressive rollout of the nbn network, the decline in demand for PSTN features has accelerated. The exiting of these features will reduce complexity across PSTN services and create a more seamless experience for customers migration to the nbn.


Will Telstra exit additional Telstra Copper (PSTN) features?

We regularly review our products and features to ensure we are providing services which benefit our customers. We will continue to do this with other PSTN features. However, we will ensure that our customers receive adequate notice should the decision be made to exit additional features.


What do I do if I currently have these services?  
We will start notifying impacted customers from June 2018. Customers can continue to use these features until the exit date when these features will automatically be removed from the service.


Does Telstra contact each individual customer? 
Yes, we will notify impacted customers individually starting from 3 June 2018. Please check your bill message or emails from Telstra.


Do I as a customer have to proactively call Telstra?  
No, you do not have to do anything. We will remove the feature automatically, however if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us via the “still need help?” options.


Can I go on 24/7 live chat and ask someone to take it off or do I just do nothing? 
Yes, 24/7 live chat support is available. However, we will automatically remove the features according to the exit dates mentioned above.


Still need help?
Personal and small business customers
Visit your nearest Telstra Store or call us on 132 200 from 8am to 9pm AEST and follow the prompts.


Business customers
Visit your nearest Telstra Business Centre or call us on 132 253 from 7am to 7pm AEST.


Enterprise customers
Contact our Telstra Service Desk, or Customer Service Team or your Telstra Authorised Dealer.


nbn™, nbn co, and other nbn brands are trademarks of nbn co limited and used under licence.



Last updated 11 May 2020.

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Level 21: Augmented

I somewhat think this is a bit of a cop-out.


I mean if you dont provide the features or cant provide the features on NBN how can you reallistically determine their decline?


a forced decline through no-supply, is not a great metric to be measuring.


didnt the inability of maintaining/providing the duet service on nbn cause lessons to be learned? 

Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Hi @cretsiah,


As more and more of our customers’ transition to the nbn, aligning features across our PSTN and nbn services will reduce complexity and create a more seamless experience for customers when migrating to the nbn. 


We know that the use of these PSTN features is low, and has been steadily declining over the years as technology changes the way that our customers communicate. With the growth of applications and messaging platforms, and the expansion of smartphone inclusions such as unlimited voice call and texts, people are choosing the convenience of mobile phones and smart messaging apps as ways to communicate progressively more. 

Level 1: Cadet

We run a Not-for-Profit Charity with a 24 hour hotline manned by volunteers who take shifts through the day and night.  Our call forwarding capability was abruptly terminated on Friday (even though our most recent bill advised the service would be available until March 2019).  This caused a considerable amount of stress and lengthy phone calls to Telstra.  One of our volunteers was effectively "stranded" on the Hotline for many hours.  What technology do you suggest that will enable us to continue to pass the Hotline amongst our members?  We do not wish to change the number as it is on our website, signs, literature, etc and has been in use for almost 30 years.

Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Hey elfbit,


I can appreciate your concerns with these features having been turned off before the time frame advised and do apologise for any inconvenience this has caused you and your business 😞 I would recommend having this discussed further with our Business Team so that we can have the correct solution for your needs made available. They can be reached on the contact details in the main post or the also have a Live Chat team that is available to assist in real time 24/7 via


Let us know how you go. 

Level 1: Cadet

Im in a similar situation to elfbit, mwe used to rely on the remote access feature to divert the phone line while out of the office. The only solution Telstra Business Centre was able to come up with was wait until we get the NBN, and because of the setup of our building could be a few weeks to a few months, and using Digital Office Technology we should be able to control the phone number divert via an app, but nothing is for sure and the proof will be in the pudding. In the mean-time we have to suffer. Its really poor form on Telstra's part canceling services without alternatives to use in the mean time, I can't believe any business can get away with this kind of incompetence. 

Level 1: Cadet

I had an idea  that would work if I had an old dialup modem. Since I have to be in the office to setup a divert a simple windows scheduled task can do what a person has to do by plugging the phone into the modem then setup a routine to run automatically every night or anytime with a different number each night etc, or several numbers to divert to at different times to dial *21 then the number # or whatever had to be dialed. Setup a windows scheduled task to do it and back again in the morning. 

It would be just like someone was there to do it. I wonder if that would work.
Level 1: Cadet

The reason we were given for the removal of the service was because we got NBN!  We have switched to a BizPhone setup with TPG - much easier to use and cheaper as well - everything managed via a web interface and/or app (and we ported our number).  Telstra were unbelievably unhelpful and caused our organisation a great deal of stress and wasted hours with our phone line in limbo.  I hope you find a workable solution.

Level 1: Cadet

It worked. I got an old laptop with a dialup modem and using the free software I found, Phone Dialer Pro I set up scheduled tasks to divert the phone around then another one to dial #21# to divert back to the office in the morning. It will work really well over the Christmas break when no-one is in the office.


Got an email about this and contacted support for options regarding Fixed Line Diversion being switched off in 2 weeks. I have been advised by two Telstra agents so far that this post and the email don't exist.


How do I get actual support from Telstra by someone who is not just reading a script?




I use Call Control to eliminate Spam calls from OVERSEAS. I would happily give up all the listed landline features if Telstra would do something about all the junk calls.