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Mobile Foxtel is closing on 27 July 2016 and will no longer be available for new subscriptions from the 23 June 2016. If you're a current subscriber you can continue enjoying your subscription right up until 27 July 2016, unless you cancel your subscription earlier.


We'd like to thank you for using our Mobile Foxtel service.


There are a number of alternative mobile entertainment products you might be interested in, which you can find here.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why is Mobile Foxtel closing?
We provide a range of entertainment products to suit our customers’ needs. We’ve seen a particularly strong appetite for on-demand style content, as people become more accustomed to watching what they want, when they want. And this is why we’ll be closing Mobile Foxtel. You can find out about our alternative products here.


I am a subscriber, how will my service be affected?
As a subscriber, you can continue enjoying the service until 27 July 2016, unless you decide to cancel your subscription earlier.


When will I stop being charged for Mobile Foxtel?
You won’t be charged for Mobile Foxtel on your bill post 23 June 2016.


How can I cancel my plan?
If you don’t plan to use your service and want to cancel before 27 July 2016;

  • Open the Mobile Foxtel app
  • Select Subscriptions & Vouchers from the menu
  • Tap Cancel Subscription

What happens to the Mobile Foxtel app on my iPhone/Android after 27 June 2016?
Your Mobile Foxtel app will display a closure notification if you try and access Mobile Foxtel after 27 June 2016. To uninstall;



  • Go to Settings > Applications (or App Manager)
  • Find Mobile Foxtel in the list of applications
  • Tap the Uninstall button



  • Hold down on the Mobile Foxtel icon until it starts to wiggle
  • Tap the X button on the corner of the icon
  • Tap the Delete button on the confirmation message

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Level 3: Gumshoe

Today received a text saying the Mobile Foxtel will finish. Telstra suggest we subscribe to Presto. Presto is not a live streaming service so how can I watch Live Sky Business and Sky News? Not only is Presto more expensive, but now data charges apply. Foxtel is not going out of business so why stop the service? This is all just a money grab by Telstra.

Level 2: Rookie

This closure is a farce .They want us to subscribe and pay more for what we get. I live in a remote area and do not have an internet connection this service enabled me to have access to show and sports that I normally do not have access to any other way .FOXTEL shame on you. Reconsider this decision and keep this alive. Loss of this service and loss of customers the karma train does bite back. 

Level 2: Rookie

It's so dissappointing that you guys are closing your Mobile Foxtel service.


Since you guys are suggesting that Foxtel Go is an alternative to the Mobile Foxtel Service, will Foxtel Go be unumetered for Telstra Mobile subscribers on 3G and 4G just like the Mobile Foxtel Service?





Level 2: Rookie

Bit dissapointed, would be nice if you made Presto unmetered to compensate.

Level 2: Rookie

I'm confused. Mobile Foxtel is going to be no more. WHY? I have enjoyed this site for years and years, along with my two special needs grand children who watch cartoons over and over even when they are repeated. On the site giving more details about the closure, it states that after the closer of the current site, a update for my android devices will be available or I can download it now. When I click on the link it says at I already have the app. Can someone please inform me if it's going completely or not. If it is then I am going to have two massive melt downs from my grand kids tonight. NOT HAPPY TELSTRA. 

Level 25: The Singularity
Level 25: The Singularity

@PleaseExplain Foxtel Go has access to the following channels for News

  • SKY NEWS Live
  • SKY NEWS Business
  • SKY NEWS Weather


  • CNN
  • BBC World News
  • CNBC
Level 2: Rookie


Level 2: Rookie
@Jupiter but is it unmetered like the mobile product is.
Just Registered
Why? It's the only reason I have accounts with Telstra I.e unmettered
Level 2: Rookie
Whats the reason for getting rid of it????
Not getting enough money with the unmetered data??

Im on the road 6 days aweek only home for 24hours. So this app was good at seeing the news or the odd doco.

I have foxtel at home and i know i can use foxtel go but its METERED!!!!
Would cost me hell of alot more!!!

Was only with telstra because it gave skynews. If go is becoming unmetered ill stay it not then i have nothing holding me to telstra