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9now log in

Can you please tell me how to re activate my 9now ?? I have logged in MULTIPLE times and it still wont let me in. This has happened before and unfortunately it will NOT work again!!  I pay a great deal of money and time for telstra services and always seem to have problems. It's getting beyond a joke. HELP ASAP please.

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Re: 9now log in

Hey @vschulzy78,




Have you tried sutting down and restarting the Telstra TV?


Ive just logged out of 9Now, and on login, it asks me to go to www.9now.com.au/activate and put in the code it shows.


The first time I did it, it didn't take,  So I did refresh on the Telstra TV, and then refreshed the 9Now page on the laptop, and waited,  ( not hitting refresh on the Telstra TV  - then the 9Now app on the T-box simply started working.



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Re: 9now log in


thank you for your help with 9 now it worked great I had been trying for days .

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