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Foxtel Now Login through Telstra TV

Hi, I recently ungraded my internet package and received a Telstra TV box as apart of this. i have set this up with no real issue. I'm also an a Foxtel Platinum subscriber through Telstra and have access to foxtel go on my tablets etc. I tried to log into Foxtel Now through the box and can't get access. Is this a different service?

 - Do you require a different login? how do you do this?

- is this an additional cost to view Foxtel now through the TelstraTV box.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Foxtel Now Login through Telstra TV

Foxtel Now is a separate service that isn't included with your Foxtel Platinum subscription. You sign up through the Foxtel website, with packages starting at $15 per month. It doesn't include all the channels of the full Foxtel, and it uses your data.


The mobile Foxtel app (renamed from Foxtel Go) is included in your subscription and can be used on mobile devices.

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