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How To Check Cable Broadband Availability

Whilst we no longer extend the footprint of our Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) network, which supplies Cable Broadband, we are still able to connect some customers to the network if they are in an area within the HFC footprint.

How do I determine if I am the Network area?

Start by checking if you can get Cable at your address here


  • If this check shows that Cable is already available to you
    Great! You can place an order with us now for Cable Broadband, either over the phone, via Live Chat, or online.

  • If the check initial shows that the service isn’t available to you
    The next thing to do is try a couple of addresses around you, preferably the houses on either side or a few doors down from you (we can’t always supply a service to the other side of a road or residents located in unit blocks). Typically we can only extend the cable a short distance as part of a professional standard connection.

    Should you find that any of these houses have Cable available to them, then we maybe able to add your address to our systems.

  • No properties around you have Cable
    Unfortunately, if you can’t locate any properties around you that have Cable Broadband, then the service won’t be available to you, however we’ll endeavour to provide you with one of our other Internet connection options like ADSL, Mobile Broadband, Velocity, or NBN depending on their availability.

Does this guarantee that I’ll be able to get Cable?
Unfortunately not, however it does mean that we are doing all we can to attempt to provide you with a connection to the network.


In some cases Telstra may be able to complete this work as a standard professional installation as per our current plans. A Telstra consultant will be refereed your request for a desktop study to be completed. The consultant will look at your request and check a number of things like:

  • Is the HFC network available in your street?
  • Is this house already connected to the network? (If it is they’ll update our records and you can proceed with ordering a Cable Service).
  • Can the infrastructure in the street support another connection?

This isn’t an exhaustive list, however gives you an idea what we do. Once they’ve done all the behind the scenes checks that we can do remotely, we’ll add your address to our systems assuming everything seems to be in order.


  • The contractor then attends and confirms whether or not we’ll be able to supply Cable to the Property.

We let you know when you can place an order.

Commercial Works: Withdrawal of Service

Unfortunately quotes for Commercial Works are no longer something we can provide. This is because we are no longer able to fulfil more than a standard Professional Installation for new HFC (Cable) services.

This means that if you are outside of the existing Telstra HFC (Cable) network footprint you should explore broadband solutions like ADSL, Wireless or Fixed Wireless products, which can be done here:


How long does it take?
You’ll be notified within 7 days.

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