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switch back to ADSL



Can someone tell me if I can switch back to ADSL from NBN.



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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: switch back to ADSL

No, you cannot. Once it is swapped over the old network is switched off and no longer accessible. Even if you could, after 18 months from when it first becomes available it is decommissioned and would be turned off permanently anyway so wouldn't actually help.
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Re: switch back to ADSL

Hi TripleT,
I also wish I could switch back to ADSL2+, I was getting 99.999% reliability and constant speed of 15Mb/s.

No incoming call is possible with my VOIP now.


Outbound call disconnect abruptly after about 15 minutes. I have just been told by the staff at 1800TFIBRE that this is due to setting in my T-VOICE 502 handset. I cannot find any settings that limit the call to 15 minutes. Interesting piece of advice.

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Re: switch back to ADSL

I should have waited till I was out of contract ( another year ) with telstra before I switched over. Then I could have gone to the nbn with a new provider. I would have had another 18 months or so available on adsl. Which was a good service.

But now I am stuck with the clods at telstra and every day is a struggle.
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Re: switch back to ADSL


did you ever get your no incoming call + 15 minute dropout out issues fixed?


I have had 6 weeks of it, and getting nowhere so far. 

tried 2 modems, 3 phone handsets, have Telstra trying to tell me it's NBN, NBN saying no fault found

15 minute dropout is like clockwork and doesn't correspond to internet dropout


(sounds familiar I'm sure)


any hints, ideas?


thanks in advance

Level 24: Supreme Being
Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: switch back to ADSL

Another person who had the incoming call problem discovered that Telstra was diverting calls to a non existent service.

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