Setting up Direct Debit for payment of your Telstra account

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At Telstra, we’re committed to making your experience with us as simple as possible. That’s why we offer Direct Debit payment options to help you avoid the stress of forgetting to pay your bills on time, and say goodbye to late fees.


You can pay your bill by direct debit if you have your fixed, mobile or single bill account with us, or if you are a broadband customer with a 13-digit account number.


You can set up a direct debit using an eligible cheque or savings account, credit or debit card. We accept the following credit and debit cards: 

  • Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners; and
  • Scheme Debit Cards: Debit cards bearing the Visa or MasterCard logo

Your card or account must be with an Australian bank, Building Society or Credit Union. However, direct debit may not be available on all types of cards or accounts. Please ensure that your financial institution can support direct debit on your nominated card or account before proceeding with your direct debit payment application.


If you set up a direct debit using an eligible card, we will validate your card details with your card provider by processing a pre-authorisation transaction for $1.


You can choose from the following options:


Direct Debit Automatic

Your bill payment is deducted from your selected card or bank account on the payment due date. You can also cap ($50 or more) your automatic payments by setting a maximum amount. If your bill exceeds your cap amount, you’ll need to ensure we receive payment of any outstanding amount by the due date using a different payment method, otherwise a late fee may apply.


Direct Debit Automatic will only operate when your account is not in credit and has no overdue balance. If you have an overdue balance or if your account is in credit, a payment will not be debited from your account until you have paid the overdue amount or used up that credit.


Direct Debit Fixed Payments

Choose a fixed amount ($20 or more) to pay from your selected card or bank account each fortnight or month. If your bill exceeds your fixed amount, you’ll need to ensure we receive payment of any outstanding amount by the due date using a different payment method, otherwise a late fee may apply.


Setting up a Direct Debit

You can set up a direct debit: 

If you set up, update or cancel a direct debit via, Telstra 24x7 My Account or the Telstra 24x7 App, this will be processed within 24 hours. If your bill is due before your direct debit set up is processed, you will need to make alternative arrangements to pay that bill.


Why hasn’t my Direct Debit gone through?

If your direct debit didn’t go through, it may be due to a number of reasons:

  • There were insufficient funds in your account
  • There was a problem with your bank
  • Your direct debit may have been suspended
  • Your account may have an overdue balance or be in credit because:
    • You received a late payment fee; or
    • You received a credit from Telstra

You can log into Telstra 24x7 My Account to view your current balance. If any of the above applies to you, you will need to use up the credit or pay your outstanding account balance using one of our alternative payment methods or expend any credit. When creating a direct debit, you’ll be asked to settle any outstanding amounts, which you can do during the direct debit setup process.


For more information about paying your bill, visit our Pay My Bill page


For more information about paying your bill via direct debit, please refer to our Direct Debit Service Agreement.

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Just Registered

I had direct debit set up on my mobile account , then I received a call from Telstra stating my bill was overdue , and that I would be charged for my services to be started up again.  I rang to explain that my bills were direct debit monthly and that I had an email in front of me stating this and they argued with me that it wasn’t !  It took me over an hour before Telstra finally admitted it was direct debit but that I had to go in and fix up the mistake that they had made due to a technical glitch !!   Which I did ! And now I see that my direct debit has been suspended again !!  What is wrong with you people at Telstra???   What more and how much more time do I need spend fixing your mistakes ??   I’m a long time customer who’s always paid my bills on time and now since your technical glitch I’m having nothing but trouble .  I’ve spoken to people at Telstra and this was all supposed to be fixed and sorted , but I see it hasn’t !  What more do I have to do !!!!!  

This is seriously bad customer service that has been going on for too long . I have tried over and over to fix this problem but Telstra are making it extremely stressful and time consuming. 

I will be looking at other companies when my contract is up .  Had enough of your bull**bleep** , poor service and lack of ability to fix people’s issues !!    Issues that you caused in the first place !! 

Support Team
Support Team

Hi @Bundycat1,

Thanks for reaching out. Sorry to hear about your experience, I can understand your frustration.

If you are looking at raising a complaint regarding this issue, you can do so here. Once you've done that, a case manager will be assigned and in contact to investigate this further within 3-5 business days.


Please let me know how you go.